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    Ability \A*bil"i*ty\ ([.a]*b[i^]l"[i^]*t[y^]), n.; pl.
    {Abilities} ([.a]*b[i^]l"[i^]*t[i^]z). [F. habilet['e],
    earlier spelling habilit['e] (with silent h), L. habilitas
    aptitude, ability, fr. habilis apt. See {Able}.]
    The quality or state of being able; power to perform, whether
    physical, moral, intellectual, conventional, or legal;
    capacity; skill or competence in doing; sufficiency of
    strength, skill, resources, etc.; -- in the plural, faculty,

    Then the disciples, every man according to his ability,
    determined to send relief unto the brethren. --Acts xi.

    Natural abilities are like natural plants, that need
    pruning by study. --Bacon.

    The public men of England, with much of a peculiar kind
    of ability. --Macaulay.

    Syn: Capacity; talent; cleverness; faculty; capability;
    efficiency; aptitude; aptness; address; dexterity;

    Usage: {Ability}, {Capacity}. These words come into
    comparison when applied to the higher intellectual
    powers. Ability has reference to the active exercise
    of our faculties. It implies not only native vigor of
    mind, but that ease and promptitude of execution which
    arise from mental training. Thus, we speak of the
    ability with which a book is written, an argument
    maintained, a negotiation carried on, etc. It always
    something to be done, and the power of doing it.
    Capacity has reference to the receptive powers. In its
    higher exercises it supposes great quickness of
    apprehension and breadth of intellect, with an
    uncommon aptitude for acquiring and retaining
    knowledge. Hence it carries with it the idea of
    resources and undeveloped power. Thus we speak of the
    extraordinary capacity of such men as Lord Bacon,
    Blaise Pascal, and Edmund Burke. ``Capacity,'' says H.
    Taylor, ``is requisite to devise, and ability to
    execute, a great enterprise.'' The word abilities, in
    the plural, embraces both these qualities, and denotes
    high mental endowments.

    1. Expanding jobs could outpace a disabled employee's abilities, worries Custom Machinery Design, in Appleton, Wis.
    2. This regionalisation of the aviation sector has placed a huge burden on CAAC's overstretched regulatory abilities.
    3. But he was less sanguine about the abilities of the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to better coordinate their regulation of the markets, as was recommended in the task force report early last month.
    4. His abilities as a manager and the robust economy of his state have been cornerstones of Dukakis' campaign to convince voters he is the most qualified presidential candidate.
    5. It added that investigators found that many of the victims were fundamentalist Christians who believed they were dealing "with a man blessed by God with extraordinary business abilities."
    6. Its choreographer, Dauberval, was a man of rare dramatic abilities who produced ballets in which, he said, 'I do not just want to please the eyes.
    7. And a Massachusetts task force concluded that the misconduct has effectively isolated female attorneys, causing them and sometimes their clients "to doubt their own abilities and effectiveness" and to "feel unwelcome." Prof.
    8. Such abilities, which would make software much easier to write, are a key aspect of object-oriented software, which the executives said IBM and Apple will tout as the wave of the future.
    9. In the same breath, however, he says he thinks highly of his abilities and looks forward to working with him for the foreseeable future. It seems unlikely, then, that he will be pressed to step down.
    10. The artist no longer struggles, does not look and learn from the world about his own abilities and perceptions.
    11. Fitzwater said the fact that the U.S. ambassador to Iraq is now desk bound at the State Department does not reflect any lack of faith in her abilities.
    12. But he says he changed the rules to make the game more relevant and had the students grade each other on their abilities to record Monopoly transactions on double-entry accounting ledgers.
    13. For three days the experts from a half-dozen Western countries depressed each other with talk of the frayed fragility of the Western alliance and marveled among themselves at the awesome abilities of Mr. Gorbachev.
    14. Samuel was perhaps naive in believing that his own overruling sense of justice and abilities could relegate his Jewishness to irrelevance in Palestine. What about the Prime Minister David Lloyd George, who could not be accused of naivety in any sense?
    15. The sophistication of financial management techniques will challenge further the abilities of company directors to keep up with developments in areas such as treasury management and information technology.
    16. They boast new abilities to link up in networks, and a standard design lets rival brands communicate easily.
    17. Teachers will be the students at a new school designed to sharpen instructors' math and science skills so they can pass those abilities to undereducated Chicago youngsters.
    18. She said she is now studying how men's abilities might vary according to the level of testosterone.
    19. The first is that employers are worried about the abilities of their employees; the second is that they are not sure what is wrong.
    20. "The more visible members of our group use their access and utilize their attention-getting abilities to bring a lot of issues to the public's attention," Silver says.
    21. Educational Testing Service, which produces the Scholastic Aptitude Test, has written multiple-choice test questions that measure analysis and interpretive abilities, spokeswoman Janet Waanders said.
    22. "You're taught to divorce your feelings from your logical and analytical thinking abilities," she said.
    23. That computer's functions, particularly its Chinese/English abilities, are now being resurrected with an eye to the fast-growing China market.
    24. But three new reports describing the sad state of U.S. students' abilities in mathematics might be even more cause for alarm.
    25. Both the late ayatollah's son Ahmad and a daughter, Zahra Mostafavi, have urged his election, praising both his management abilities and his loyalty to their father.
    26. Questions remain about his defense, stamina and ability to take a punch, mostly because those abilities haven't been tested.
    27. Cousins' competence became less of an issue than the abilities of the helmsman, Robert Kagan, who was blamed by many for the disaster.
    28. For all their legendary abilities, the operators do mess up once in a while.
    29. Ms. Hurst got to know Mr. Mohrhauser and was "tremendously impressed" with his entrepreneurial abilities.
    30. The Mattel Inc. star is facing serious competition from Jem and the Holograms, a flashy doll rock band made by Hasbro Inc. Jem's creators say she has the social conscience and executive abilities that Barbie lacks.
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