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 ability [ə'bɪlətɪ添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 能力, 才干

[经] 能力, 才能

  1. I don't doubt your ability to do the work.
  2. He is a man of many abilities.
  3. He is a man of great executive ability.

[ noun ]
  1. the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment

  2. <noun.attribute>
  3. possession of the qualities (especially mental qualities) required to do something or get something done

  4. <noun.cognition>
    danger heightened his powers of discrimination

Ability \A*bil"i*ty\ ([.a]*b[i^]l"[i^]*t[y^]), n.; pl.
{Abilities} ([.a]*b[i^]l"[i^]*t[i^]z). [F. habilet['e],
earlier spelling habilit['e] (with silent h), L. habilitas
aptitude, ability, fr. habilis apt. See {Able}.]
The quality or state of being able; power to perform, whether
physical, moral, intellectual, conventional, or legal;
capacity; skill or competence in doing; sufficiency of
strength, skill, resources, etc.; -- in the plural, faculty,

Then the disciples, every man according to his ability,
determined to send relief unto the brethren. --Acts xi.

Natural abilities are like natural plants, that need
pruning by study. --Bacon.

The public men of England, with much of a peculiar kind
of ability. --Macaulay.

Syn: Capacity; talent; cleverness; faculty; capability;
efficiency; aptitude; aptness; address; dexterity;

Usage: {Ability}, {Capacity}. These words come into
comparison when applied to the higher intellectual
powers. Ability has reference to the active exercise
of our faculties. It implies not only native vigor of
mind, but that ease and promptitude of execution which
arise from mental training. Thus, we speak of the
ability with which a book is written, an argument
maintained, a negotiation carried on, etc. It always
something to be done, and the power of doing it.
Capacity has reference to the receptive powers. In its
higher exercises it supposes great quickness of
apprehension and breadth of intellect, with an
uncommon aptitude for acquiring and retaining
knowledge. Hence it carries with it the idea of
resources and undeveloped power. Thus we speak of the
extraordinary capacity of such men as Lord Bacon,
Blaise Pascal, and Edmund Burke. ``Capacity,'' says H.
Taylor, ``is requisite to devise, and ability to
execute, a great enterprise.'' The word abilities, in
the plural, embraces both these qualities, and denotes
high mental endowments.

  1. "We must compel them (automakers) to retain all current workers unless their ability to survive is severely at risk as a result of conditions beyond their control," Bieber said in a speech to the convention.
  2. The ability of Tory managers to anaesthetise those who show the slightest sign of revolt is well-known.
  3. Mr. Kennan's advocacy of containment was inappropriate 40 years ago, though its application today can be rewarding in denying the Soviets the ability to intimidate the West and obtain support for a crumbling social and economic system.
  4. "There's a feeling in the industry that growing generic competition and a recent trend in high-volume purchasing of drugs by insurers is going to eventually choke off the ability to raise prices," he says.
  5. Do Switzerland's neighbours need to worry about the country retaining its ability and will to maintain security at this crossroads of the continent? We are the only country where the people can vote on such matters.
  6. Their legitimacy as leaders rests on their ability to ease living conditions in the territories, and in moving towards Palestinian self-determination.
  7. A major bond rating agency said Tuesday it is reviewing the status of New York City's ability to repay debt following a tentative agreement to give teachers a 5.5 percent pay raise.
  8. The rigid market controls destroyed incentives and the ability of China's once-thriving markets to transmit information freely via prices.
  9. 'It's motivation and experience, not just ability.
  10. No less important is the quality of US education for the bottom half of the ability range.
  11. But PCR is opening even more windows in diagnostic medicine, where its ability to pinpoint genes much more adeptly and quickly than other methods has aided researchers in identifying the bacteria, viruses and mutant genes that cause disease.
  12. But JAL has been flying abroad for decades and is much better known internationally. On overseas routes, "our ability to attract non-Japanese traffic is quite inferior to JAL's," Mr. Yoshikawa says.
  13. James A. Roll, a senior vice president of the system's funding operation, said the auditor questioned the system's ability to continue as a going concern in its current form.
  14. The organizer of the Wednesday patrol, Bella Gonen, said the settlers began the patrols in April after losing faith in the Israeli army's ability to end the 18-month Palestinian uprising against Israeli rule.
  15. The rating concern also cited "continued management instability" at the district, uncertainty over future power costs and concern about the district's ability to keep its rates competitive.
  16. The burgeoning growth of trading in Standard & Poor's 500 stock-index futures at the Merc has at times strained price-reporting methods and the exchange's ability to police all several hundred traders in the S&P 500 pit, according to exchange members.
  17. We will replace it with our Fair Rates system, related to people's ability to pay.
  18. Many U.S. utilities don't have the ability to switch between fuels.
  19. As for his ability to help fund that future, she says, "We just don't know."
  20. Secretary Baker has been warning in recent days that too sharp a decline in the dollar could prove self-defeating because it might impede the ability of West Germany and Japan to grow rapidly enough to absorb more U.S. products.
  21. IBM is also offering circuit-boards incorporating its home-built Intel-designed chips to other PC makers. IBM has also demonstrated its ability to improve upon Intel's microprocessor designs.
  22. Crucial to the decision, he said, is investigators' ability to find two key witnesses.
  23. Mr. Breeden, who called a pay increase the most important issue facing the commission, said that all regulatory agencies except the SEC and CFTC have the ability to go above government pay caps.
  24. The culprit is FERC Order 436, issued in 1985 and subsequent rules and court decisions that ordered the pipeline companies to transport gas for anyone claiming the ability and willingness to pay the pipeline-transportation costs.
  25. Tulsa Mayor Roger Randle said he believed the evangelist made the right decision. "We have a short-term loss, but a strengthened ability to survive in the long term," Randle said.
  26. The system will improve call set-up time to put calls through an average of three seconds faster and improve the company's automated validation system to increase its ability to detect toll fraud, US Sprint said.
  27. That would bolster the solvent institutions' ability to pay special insurance assessments or to acquire sick thrifts, the bill's supporters said.
  28. Furthermore, they predict, as the ripple effects of a crash move through the economy, the government will have neither the ability nor the courage to prevent the country from slipping into a period of depression or unprecedented inflation.
  29. Digital also announced improvements in its ability to tie computers together in networks, and said it had devised a way to provide high-speed computer communications over telephone wires in local area networks used to connect computers in offices.
  30. "But it has almost foreclosed their ability to make a profit." The current test requires that 70% of a thrift's assets meet certain criteria.
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