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 computer [kəm'pjutɚ]   添加此单词到默认生词本
n. 电脑, 电子计算机

[计] 计算机

[经] 电子计算机, 电脑

  1. This computer company was established last year.
  2. We should be watchful of computer viruses.
  3. I am a computer operator.

[ noun ]
  1. a machine for performing calculations automatically

  2. <noun.artifact>
  3. an expert at calculation (or at operating calculating machines)

  4. <noun.person>

Computer \Com*put"er\ (k[o^]m*p[=u]t"[~e]r), n.
1. One who computes.

2. (Computers) an electronic device for performing
calculations automatically. It consists of a clock to
provide voltage pulses to synchronize the operations of
the devices within the computer, a central processing
unit, where the arithmetical and logical operations are
performed on data, a random-access memory, where the
programs and data are stored for rapid access, devices to
input data and output results, and various other
peripheral devices of widely varied function, as well as
circuitry to support the main operations.

Note: This modern sense of computer comprises the
stored-program computers, in which multiple steps in a
calculation may be stored within the computer itself as
{instructions} in a {program}, and are then executed by
the computer without further intervention of the
operator. Different types of computer are variously
called {analog computer}, {number cruncher,
number-cruncher}, {digital computer}, and {pari-mutuel
machine, totalizer, totaliser, totalizator,

Syn: data processor, electronic computer, information
processing system.
[WordNet 1.5 +PJC]

3. (Computers) same as {digital computer}.

electronic device \electronic device\ n.
a device depending on the principles of electronics and using
the manipulation of electron flow for its operation.

Note: Numerous electronic devices are in daily use, among
them the {television}, {radio}, {computer}, {robot},
{transmitter}, {receiver}, {VCR}, {CD player}, etc.

  1. After a six to nine-month delay in getting its graphics computer ready, CST says that, at last, the system is in production testing.
  2. Roger Natan, a mechanical engineering professor at Ben-Gurion University in Beersheba, has spent 12 years developing the system in which muscles are electrically stimulated by electrodes hooked to a computer.
  3. At one Texas company, a computer "time bomb" planted by a fired employee wiped out 168,000 payroll records three years ago.
  4. The design is slick: The system consists of just a keyboard and a monitor, because a "Personality Pack" containing the computer attaches to the back of the monitor.
  5. The pocket computer, wired to the earpiece, makes it bulkier than other recent hearing aids.
  6. Resellers are good at selling computer systems to traditional technical markets, but lack extensive experience and a broad clientele among businesses.
  7. Each disk array is now tested for up to 24 days. While IBM remains a fierce rival, with 52 per cent of the mainframe storage market, other large computer concerns buy in products from EMC.
  8. The delay from the original July announcement date contributed to a 30 percent drop in the computer giant's third-quarter earnings.
  9. Intel attributed the earnings rebound in part to strong demand for parts from personal computer makers.
  10. Earlier this year, Fisher said in SEC filings that it sought, among other things, reorganizational changes at NBI, a computer systems maker.
  11. The University of Pittsburgh center, which now has a Cray X/MP-48 supercomputer, has agreed to trade in that machine for Cray's new Y/MP-832 machine, which Cray says is the world's most powerful computer.
  12. Integrated also rewrote its software packages last summer in Unix, a computer operating system that can run on everything from mainframes to personal computers.
  13. Mr. Heller's 140-person company stands to gain some credibility from its relationship with Fujitsu, which gives Hal access to the big Japanese computer maker's semiconductor expertise, patent portfolio and marketing force.
  14. He died in 1915 when he was halfway through the letter `S.' The new edition also has been computerized, with the vocabulary of English since 1150 A.D. on a single data base to be available by home computer.
  15. Business is booming, you might say, because along America's Nuclear Highway, Interstate 25, the local customers are not your average computer or stereo shops.
  16. It is trying to agree redundancy with 150 branch managers within the next few months, and 120 computer and 80 clerical staff are also affected.
  17. Some say Signature may be sold to another computer company.
  18. Some computer experts are stunned at what the arbitrators' ruling grants Fujitsu.
  19. Brazil maintains it needs the trade restrictions to protect its fledgling computer industry from foreign competition.
  20. Much of the information has been received by the previous crew via facsimile machine or computer, so the hotline's contents are largely synchronous with newspaper and television reports.
  21. Mr. Khosla, 35, co-founded two sizable high-tech companies before turning 30; one was Sun Microsystems Inc., now the world's largest maker of computer workstations.
  22. As companies acquire more computer networks from different vendors the problem of managing them inevitably increases.
  23. Like many other computer companies, Unisys, based in Blue Bell, Pa., has already taken steps to streamline its use of semiconductors to cut costs.
  24. The UK company DIP, whose handheld miniature computer is the basis of the Atari Portfolio, showed that, as did Psion with its notebook-style Mobile Computer. Both companies may have been somewhat ahead of the market.
  25. Depending on the type of software and peripherals used, the machines can serve either as the main computer in a network of many terminals (a role usually filled by a minicomputer), as a technical workstation or as a very fast personal computer.
  26. Depending on the type of software and peripherals used, the machines can serve either as the main computer in a network of many terminals (a role usually filled by a minicomputer), as a technical workstation or as a very fast personal computer.
  27. In contrast another fledgling company, Unipalm, the computer network specialist, has gone to a healthy premium.
  28. The home computer has more memory and more power to figure taxes and keep bank records.
  29. For example, the PC running Windows applications software will be a familiar front-end for many business and personal computer users.
  30. Analysts said one problem Xerox may face with the software is that it is designed with an out-of-date "user interface," the on-screen graphics and symbols through which the user controls the computer.
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